Why Choose AJ’s

When you choose flower grown by AJ’s Farm, you’re investing in the future, while paying homage to generations of cannabis growing expertise.

The underground facility where we grow our cannabis is officially known the GeoLab by GroGeo, but we like to call it “the ultimate sungrown-indoor grow room environment.”

Concrete walls keep the environment climate-controlled and secure, with a retractable transparent greenhouse roof to bring the sunlight indoors for a full spectrum of natural light. Miles of pipes and tubes from our eco-friendly geothermal systems flow through down through the ground and into this chamber to condition the optimal air flow, temperature and humidity levels for each stage of the cultivation process.

Because we constantly provide a dynamic growing environment for our plants, the buds we end up with are happier and healthier.

We don’t have to pretend – we have the REAL tried-and-true landrace genetics, and with our methods, these proven strains are blooming more brilliantly than ever before.

From our deep, full-bodied GDP to our uplifting Candyland, we are always striving to get back to our roots, while covering a full spectrum of strains, to satisfy even the most discerning tastes. We hone our strains to activate and respond to the body’s energy chakras, creating a full-body wellness experience.

Nobody has a better nose than we do. Because of our unique organic growing process, the terpene levels in our flowers are through the roof. Our buds pack a punch that every connoisseur is looking for.

Time after time, we produce potent strains that speak volumes to the past, present and future of craft cannabis. They are not to be forgotten, because we plan on sharing them with you for years to come.

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