At AJ’s, we live and breathe permaculture and organic cultivation science. Our Colorado farm is devoted to building the future of cannabis, while giving a nod to the old school. The custom facility and methods that we use combine the best of both worlds: the complete control offered by modern indoor cultivation systems, and the plant-fueling power of natural outdoor sunlight. We are true farmers with love for the earth, always perfecting our own proprietary nutrient blends, which in turn enrich our homemade soil for each new crop planted in our state-of-the-art underground GeoLab grow room. Every single precious resource we use is recycled or repurposed for the benefit of our farm. All of our methods combine to create some of the world’s most flavorful cannabis flowers.

Family Owned & Organically

AJ’s Farm runs on principles of sustainability and maximum efficiency. We create superior product, with the healthiest end result possible. Our methods pay respect to Mother Earth, while constantly pushing the limits of cultivation tech. The result is cannabis flower that provides the benefits of both indoor and greenhouse growing – unmatched in aroma, taste, and potency. That’s why the Willie’s Reserve brand decided to add AJ’s as one of its partnered independent farms.


Our plants are grown in “living soil,” which is rare in the cannabis industry. We routinely reformulate, breathing new life into our soil and our crop. That way, our product keeps getting even more rich in flavor, potency and effectiveness.


Every component in our cultivation process gets reused. We are committed to sustainability, especially when it comes to water. We use responsible practices, and our runoff goes on to nourish the rest of the plant life on our farm.


When our proprietary soil, nutrients, and custom processes combine, the result is flower that is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. Plus, our underground facility brings the sunlight indoors for the best possible grow environment.

What Our Partners Say

Visiting AJ’s grow is truly a marvel of modern farming techniques paired with sustainability and a family run business. Their environmentally friendly farm even uses compost made on site and they churn their own local soil. – Willie’s Reserve

We Give Back

AJ’s is a proud supporter of the Pueblo County Scholarship Fund the world’s first cannabis-funded scholarship. 1.5% of AJ’s revenue in 2018, 2% in 2019, will go towards scholarships available to every qualifying graduating high school senior who resides in Pueblo County.

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