We provide clean cannabis on a wholesale basis to licensed marijuana producers & retailers in Colorado.

Interested producers and retailers can get in touch with AJ’s Farm through our Contact page.

If you’re a happy and satisfied consumer of our products, you can drop us a line too – and thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Our buds are grown with love, specifically with you in mind.

Cannabis Cultivation Consulting

Don’t go it alone and face the learning curve almost all new cultivations endure.

Learn techniques for truly environmentally friendly, commercial-scale cannabis production, from real Colorado growers who have spent years developing their own proprietary methods.

We consult, help you build out the indoor-sungrown hybrid cultivation room of your dreams, and teach you sustainable methods, helping you slash your grow operation’s electricity costs by more than half.

Build Outs & Retrofitting

We design the optimal facility from the ground up, using every inch within reason to create the perfect grow environment. GroGeo specializes in new construction and retrofitting existing structures for the purpose of cannabis cultivation. No other company offers a similar design. We take into account building codes, MED (Marijuana Enforcement Division) rules, METRC tracking, chemical storage, perpetual harvest, curing and work space to ensure your facility functions is set up for success.


In a “perfect world,” money isn’t an issue, but in today’s competitive and highly regulated cannabis markets, smart budgeting can seal success for your grow. AJ’s can advise you on the most effective tools and design for your project, utilizing available funds in the most responsible manner to ensure maximum efficiency, no matter your budget. Our team has decades of experience using every piece of equipment out there, and testing cutting-edge prototypes before they’re available – true experts of the craft.

Plant Management

Plant management throughout the cultivation process is vital to the success of your venture. We provide instruction as to when and how pruning should occur, and the necessity of strict time frames. Correct management will save your business hours, weeks, and possibly even months of unnecessary labor. We will help eliminate issues with small buds, poor quality, weak strains, low yield, bugs, mold, and the myriad other problems which can seriously hamper the growth of your crop.

Yield Expectancy

Creating the ideal environment is essential for optimizing yield and maintaining uniformity in each plant. Timing is also incredibly important – flushing and strain variety are just two factors playing key roles in the length of plant cycles, and how to achieve the highest potency. Planning your perpetual harvest correctly will eliminate downtime and keep your facility running at maximum capacity all year round.


Each licensed cannabis site must comply with state and local regulations. This will dictate your ability to use certain business methods. Whether you plan to open a cultivation, dispensary, testing lab, or MIPS (manufacturer of infused products), you must ensure zoning, utilities, neighbors, roads, and virtually anything that may stand between you and your license, is analyzed with due diligence.


Product packaging is another vital yet often-overlooked part of doing business in cannabis. Not only does the right packaging set a tone for your brand, it’s also necessary to stay compliant. AJ’s team has been through the brand development, packaging and compliance process before. Whatever your goal may be, we can guide you through your own journey, and help you express your identity in style.

Learn more about the GroGeo smart cannabis greenhouse method, and how it can help you bring your most outrageous cannabis cultivation goals to life.

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